Building Momentum

At the end of last year, I came across this new style of Instagram posts, carousels. They were these little bite-sized posts of content, they looked fun and were easy to digest. I stumbled on @thechrisdo and @dainwalker, both were putting out amazing content.

I thought it would be cool to start putting out similar content, so I started up my own account for my website design business I was attempting to launch. At first, a post would take me almost as long as create a blog post, to boot they looked like a dog’s breakfast… that had been regurgitated. (sorry for that mental image)

After a couple of months of posting, I started a new job back in construction to get the money in. I hated the job and found it quite difficult to create the content, do client work and fit in time for my partner. ‘Rona hit around this time and I was lucky enough to still be in a job. This meant that my content went on ice.

To explain the content: I had no real niche or topic that I stuck to at the start. Much like how I started with this blog. I would jump from topic to topic, not really keeping any consistency. I just posted what I would find interesting. Then I thought I better stick to a niche. So I stuck to the niche of my website business. I only posted tips and tricks about websites. What platform to use, checklists of what you need on a landing page, things like that.

However, I hated doing them. They were time-consuming and just weren’t really me.

So, I stopped. I had just hit 500 followers, from the 19th of November to the 25th of May. In 128 days I had grown a brand new account…

But I had stopped. The passion wasn’t behind it. My page continued to grow, ever so slightly until it plateaued at 550 followers. 

However, through posting website tips I did bring in some clients, landed a job at Dain Walker’s agency Victory Front. So a lot of good came out of it, My partner and I moved house down to Geelong, a large country city outside of Melbourne, Australia. 

All of that success came from building momentum. I would post as often as I could, obviously with some gaps. 

So how can you build momentum?

Well first let’s take a look at some physics… *collective groan* It will be quick!

Newton’s first law: – Objects at rest remain at rest and objects in motion remain in motion unless acted upon by an outside force.

This means the first step is always the hardest, the second being the next hardest, and so on. But like a bus going down a hill with no brakes, once you have momentum it will be hard to stop you.

So, what are the steps to building momentum? Here are the steps I took: 

  1. I thought about what I am passionate about
  2. I decided on my course of action
  3. I made a set of rules:
    1. I can not go 4 days without posting something 
    2. It has to be done and made within 30-60minutes, no Longer
    3. It has to be about a topic or thought I have or idea that I would like to read
    4. etc
  4. Take action
  5. Stick to the rules
  6. Take more action
  7. Continue taking action

By setting up some guidelines that may seem restrictive it means that I can be free of worries that I usually had. “This post won’t perform because I have no images” Or “what will people think of this” or “I have little experience on this topic, everyone will find out”

These guidelines also let me just post, it frees me of those negative thoughts that used to rattle in my head. I work faster, I don’t get worried or feel ashamed for not posting, and I feel good about posting something that I am passionate about. It makes me not think of the results, it allows me to focus on what is more important, and that is producing and taking action.

It allows me to just take steps forward.

And that is all momentum is about, just keep moving forward.

For those interested, my Instagram handle is @carlosygoa.

I appreciate all that read this blog and leave comments or hit me up. Let me know what you think of the Instagram posts see you on the next post. And remember, keep taking those steps towards your desired outcome.


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