Life, Death, and the lasting memories.

Recently I attended a funeral of a good friend’s father. It was a beautiful celebration of his life and the number of people there showed the lasting effects that one can leave on this world. The eulogies were very heartfelt and true to their father. The MC talked at length about the philosophical talks between him and his friend. His comments got me thinking about the impact that one can leave on the world. And how you really have a long and lasting reach in the world if you so choose. It is up to the individual whether or not they wish to change the lives of many. Some live a life full of adventure and lust for knowledge and others live a life of comforts.

Today showed me that life is truly amazing, you can go through so much and still have a great outlook on life, he was riding his motorbike up until his death, he had traveled all around the world, loved his wife and daughters without restraint, and forever the storyteller. The few times that I had the pleasure of talking with him were always great laughs and I was always intently listening for the punch line of the story. Hearing more about his life made me realise how much one can achieve in their lives, from traveling the world, letting yourself enjoy the smaller moments, falling in love, helping those around you. Don’t follow the norm, aspire to inspire, chase your dreams, do things that excite you and spend time with the ones you love the most.

I wondered how will my life turn out, how many will I help, it is all up to me. I know I have a lot to give back to this world and to others around me. Knowing that the memories that I will share with the people in those memories will live on in those people. So, life is more about making memories with people, than anything else, it’s more about contributing and helping others grow as that is how you leave your impact on the world. You could be the most successful person in the world, but if you haven’t actually made an impact, that success is more selfish than anything. Man can be both cruel and kind, greedy and selfless. Those that live forever are those that are the latter.

These are just some thoughts and some takeaways from the life of a great man. Thank you, Bill.

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