Life update: We have left the nest!

Hello, I know I haven’t posted anything for a very long time. But a lot has changed, I have recently moved out of my parent’s house, with my partner! Yes, we are finally out of my parent’s house, FREEDOM!

There were some challenges, but also a lot of help and support. I would like to thank my parents first and foremost for raising me and letting my stay for as long as I did. Thanks once again Dad for the help moving our shit over to the new place. And a big thanks to our roomie for finding the place.

Okay so, I am new to the world of self-reliance, I mean I have been shopping by myself and for myself before, I know how to cook and clean. But really living and doing things for myself. No parents to tell me or my partner what to do, its all on us to make decisions. Something that only comes with living out of home.

The other thing that comes with that though is paying for rent and bills. Shock! Surprise! Living in the real world costs money, I knew this and it is just the price of freedom. So, warning, if you can’t afford to move out please don’t. Or, plan to move out with a group of people.

With moving out I would like to take the opportunity to start a series of posts to help those that are looking to leave the nest/moving out. I know a lot of my peers are already out and have been for a while. This is more directed to those that are just getting out of high school and are getting ready to make the leap.

I would like to share tips from what some essentials are for me, how to cook some easy recipes, how to save, how to find bargains on Facebook or in an op shop. What to look for in a roommate, and how to plan for rent and not get caught out with your pants down and scratching for money. Where to get medical advice and how you save some money and stay healthy.

Let me know if you would like me to cover anything and what you guys think.


P.s. Don’t worry Mum, I’ll be right.

P.p.s. How mad is that view?

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