Values and Canteen

Been a minute but I am back. I have been having a bit of a quarter-life crisis, funny enough it all came to a head on my 25th birthday. I was looking for a job with a digital agency, as I was looking at some of their work and stumbled onto the Canteen site. For those of you that don’t know, Canteen is a cancer support organization for young people, from 12-25. They provide a number of support programs and services including counselling and connections with peers and other young people in similar situations. Canteen is not just limited to people who have experienced cancer themselves, but to young people who either have a loved one with cancer or who have lost a loved one to cancer.

I suppose that I started to relive a lot of what happened to me, which I have detailed in my battle, but I broke down. Then my mind was drawn to the fact that why didn’t I know about this sooner. It’s not like I didn’t know they existed, I just never knew that I would need their help. I ended up reaching out to them, and I have been going to counselling. It has got me thinking, maybe other people out there are going through something similar and could use some of Canteen’s services to help them out.

I guess I have had trouble talking about my feelings with friends and family. It may be because I am doing fewer posts like this. Not putting my feelings and thoughts into words on a page. Anyway, back to the story. With my counsellor, I have come up with some values that I would like to live my life by. In no particular order they are:

  • Mindfulness
  • Courage
  • Humility
  • Freedom
  • Fitness
  • Self-development

I have my values on post-it notes around my home office to help remind me how I want to show up in the world.

Why am I sharing these with you? Not sure, maybe because I need to put it out in the world to make it real. Maybe its because I want to let others know how I intend to lead my life. It might give you the reader an idea to create values to live by.

Values are not like goals, they aren’t achieved once and then that’s it. I like to call them the undercurrent of how you wish to live your life. They dictate how you show up in the world, how you respond to life’s challenges and how you treat people and situations. What are your values?

I suppose in this post I am trying to do two things. Let others know about Canteen, if you or a family member is dealing or has dealt with cancer and you just want someone to talk to about how you are feeling then please reach out to them. The other thing is, what values are you wanting to live your life by? I will include a list if you need some help with coming up with some values. Write some down, post ’em up, live by them.


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See you on the mats.

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