Your body needs a service

So, you know how every year (or every 10,000 kms) you are supposed to take your car in for a service? Why don’t we do the same thing for our bodies?

This past year has been challenging for a lot of people. One thing that I have noticed with myself is I have not been as active as I would normally be. However, as lockdowns lifted in my state, and getting back into a normal routine of sorts, I have been hamstrung by my body… notably my right hip (hooray).

With being stuck at home I have been sitting a lot more. Which although is great for relaxing, is not great for a human body that is quite active. So, getting back into running and lifting, I have found myself very sore in the ensuing days. Knowing that pushing through will probably do me more harm than good, I booked myself in for a tune-up.

Now, before we go any further. I am not a health professional. This should not be taken as health advice, if you have anything that feels out go to your nearest professional.

Find a Health professional near you

Google is the obvious answer, unless you know someone that knows a great professional then google will be your best friend. Seeing as I know no one in Geelong these are the actions I took.

Google > Physio Geelong > Looked for highest rated and most ratings > read reviews > went to the top three sites > liked one of them > booked it in.

One of the things that surprised me about the whole thing was how booked every one of them was. It was actually quite amazing considering the covid situation.

Talk about all your injuries

Something that a lot of people do, me included is they go in with only one injury in mind. the most pressing one. Knee, back, shoulder, whatever it is. That’s great if you would like a band-aid, if you want to get your body right talk to them about all the injuries that you have had, even the ones that didn’t seem like much.

When talking about all my injuries, my ankle seems like one of the major culprits. Having rolled it playing basketball more times than I can count. This now jammed up ankle has been the cause of my foot, knee and hip problems.

Everything is connected

As I said above my ankle has been a catalyst for a lot of my injuries, but that is not the point. When you go in for a sore elbow, it may be that your wrist is out, or your shoulder is tweaked. One of those injuries could have been from an injury that was never attended to. This doesn’t mean that every time that you injure something it is some other body part’s fault.

It just means the more information that you can give, the better the outcome. the more the health professional will be able to work with and understand your body. Think of them as a mechanic that works on the body.

Open mind

Go into your session/appointment with an open mind, try to learn from them, see if you can understand your body more. Understand why you are feeling pain in an area. See if you can help them out with

I actually had my mind blown seeing Lauren at in Geelong (If you are in the G-town area go see her). I thought that the pelvis was just one big ol’ bone. It is actually a few bones working in harmony, or in my case agitation. There are all these little ligaments and muscles that help stabilise and allow you to do a range of motions.

Pretty much you should never go into any situation thinking you know the problem, the solutions or what else will be needed. Just give as much of your information to the situation, and then listen. The more you listen the better you will understand.

Do the exercises

The exercises have been incredibly easy to do. Lauren uses an app that has each of the exercises all planned out, with videos on how to do them, and instructions, like reps and sets. The other thing it also allows you to do, which I have used to full benefit is to set reminders. I set mine in 2-hour increments and will do one or two at a time. So I’m not completing all the exercises that might take up to 20 minutes right before bed (which doesn’t make my girl friend too happy).

Next time you go see your Health professional, see if they use an app to help you keep track of your recovery. For those interested, the app is called PhysiApp, it is easy to use and all you need is a code that your Physio/Chiro/Osteo/Myo/etc can give you.

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